Trash To Treasure…Literally

Jason Mecier is a San Franciso based artist that creates beautiful portraits out of complete junk.  He has the celebrity donate their own personal junk to be used in their portrait.  You can also contribute junk to him to be used in his designs via his website.  What a cool way to get rid of garbage and be part of an artist revolution at the same time!  His pieces are truly remarkable and crazy creative. 


Graffiti Fever

Re-Surface is a Brooklyn based boutique which sells urban lighting.  Their graffiti lights are super cool and would be perfect for a loft space, bar, or bachelor pad. 

More-light Shade in South 3rd $350

More-light Shade in Kent $350

Hi-light $130

Design 101 : Color

One of the first things that is learned in elementary interior design, which colors work best together.  If you are scared to incorporate color into your room, stick to the basics and you cannot go wrong.  Complementary colors are simply colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  Pair these colors together, along with some neutrals and voila, a beautifully decorated room. 

Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Purple and Yellow are the basics. 

Complementary Colors : Red and Green


Complementary Colors : Red and Green

Complementary Colors : Blue and Orange


Complementary Colors : Blue and Orange

Complementary Colors : Purple and Yellow

Complementary Colors : Purple and Yellow

Bringing The Outside In

My husband is a lover of cultured stone, but when we threw around the idea of incorporating it into our home, my first response was “we don’t have a fireplace.”  Typically you see stone around fireplaces, but the idea of building an accent wall out of stone is slightly more innovative.  I like the outocome. 

Of course the traditional use, for fireplace walls is beautiful also.  I like how it can be incoporated seemlessly into ultra modern and traditional rooms. 

Traditional Cultured Stone Fireplace

Modern Cultured Stone Fireplace

Video Killed The Radio Star

A common design challenge is that of camouflaging the big ugly piece of technology that is mounted to your wall for our viewing pleasure, AKA the television.  You can hide it in furniture, decorate around it, or dare I say, opt to remove it all together.  As technology progresses, I am sure our ways of adapting to it will too.  With that being said, I have come across a new way of working it into your living room that is not so invasive, building a gallery wall around it.  I must say, this is quite the clever trick and I like. 


During these tough economic times, nobody can afford to be re-desgining their home every year.  I believe that the key to staying in love with your home year after year, is to design each room timelessly and not trendy.  It’s easy to get caught up in the trends and design rooms with what is currently cool.  But if you design your rooms with things that have always been cool, and always will be cool, you can enjoy your spaces for years to come, which in turn, will save moola.  By using pieces that have been around for centuries and incoporating them in different ways, it will make your room timeless.  Swapping out throw pillows or paint is easy, but buying all new furniture is not.  Here are 4 rooms that are using 4 timeless chair designs that look very “now” to me, and will probably still be relevant in another decade or two. 

Timeless Klismos chair. The room is modernized by the chairs bright color, as well as the amazing art installation.

Timeless Windsor chair. The room is modernized by the country chic color palette and the beautifully accessorized hutch.

Timeless Chinese Chippendale chair. The room is modernized with the light fixture, bold window treatments, and vibrant window seat upholstery.

Timeless Queen Anne chair. The room is modernized by painting and upholstering each chair in a different color.

Wave Your Wand…….and Poof!!!

Moroccan poufs have been all the rage lately, considered a modern day beanbag, but with a bit more style.  Moroccan culture in general is hugely on the rise…signature Moroccan colors being emerald green, turqoise blue, cinnamon red, saffron yellow, and light pink are being seen everywhere.  The geometric patterns are widely used in rugs and bedding.  To rock a Moroccan pouf in your living room you have to be uber cool, but to rock a metallic Moroccan pouf, now that is border line over the top.  A strong personality is a “must have” to be able to pull of this room with ease. 

Call me crazy, but I even love the pink poodles.  Totally over the top.

Jonathan Adler Moroccan Pouf Silver $275

How Do I Love Thee Matthew Williamson, Let Me Count The Ways

Manchester born designer Matthew Williamson has an amazing collection of home goods out, appropriately titled “Butterfly.”  He is known for using exuberant patterns, vibrant colors, and intricate beading, and this collection is no exception.  Once the creative director of Pucci, he is now part of Debenhams, a chain of department stores in the UK.  He launched his homeware collection in 2010, and the products are simply striking. 

Pink Ascot Damask Bedding by Matthew Williamson

Yellow Bathroom Accessories by Matthew Williamson

Purple Medina Bed Linen by Matthew Williamson

Purple Damask Towels by Matthew Williamson

His home line consists of bedding, bath towels, poly resin bath accessories, picture frames, candles, and lanterns.  They are all reasonable priced (don’t forget to do your Euro to Dollar conversion) and can add an amazing pop of color to your bathroom, boudoir, or bedroom.  Best part of it all…..Debenhams offers international shipping to the U.S.

Goodbye Tie Dye….Hello Ikat

For those of you who have not heard the term “Ikat”, it’s an Indonesian word meaning  “a method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process on either the warp or weft fibres”.  The process is similiar to tie dyeing, made popular in the 60’s and 70’s by the hippie generation.  What I consider to be the modern day version of tie dye, Ikat inspired fabrics,  have been sprouting up all over the place in the late 2000’s,  in both the fashion and interior design worlds.  The ever-so-popular Bohemian culture, absorbed in art and life, love these fabrics for they seem effortlessly chic and relaxed. 

Anthropologie, Wandering Ikat Shade, $88

Anthropologie, Embroidered Ikat Shade, $128

 Allthough we have seen these fabrics for a while now in fashion and interior design, leave it the Anthropologie to think outside the box and make these fabulous lampsahdes. 

Room featured in Elle Decor 2008

Ikat Bedroom featured in Domino Magazine

Whether used on a few throw pillows or for complete furniture  upholstery, Ikat fabrics and patterns make the room look undeniably cool.  Carpets, window panels, throw pillows, sheets, and even bath towels are all popping up in these eye-catching patterns. 

Madeline Weinrib Ikat Pillow

Madeline Weinrib Ikat Pillow

Madeline Weinrib, famous for her rugs, sold at ABC Carpet and Home, has a line of Ikat pillows. 

Etsy Store Ikat & Batik

Etsy Store Ikat & Batik

For a cheaper alternative, Etsy has a great vendor, which sells sets of 9 Ikat throw pillows for $160.  At just under $18 a pillow covering, that is an absolute bargain.