My Wedding in Well Wed

Well Wed Magazine chose my wedding as a featured “Real Wedding” on their blog. Love the magazine, and it was an honor to be chosen.



Ombre – Shaded or Graduated in Tone

We’ve seen ombre all over the fashion world lately, from fabrics to hair! Of course the trend is creeping into the world of interiors with paint, both on the wall and on furniture. The subtle gradations of color are actually quite soothing and resemble and watercolor painting.

This Painted Wall is Soothing Yet Interesting


This Wall is Amaze!


Joy Thigpen Painted the Walls in Her Daughters Room


Painting a Piece of Furniture is Easier and Still Gives the Same Effect


This Washed Out Ombre Dresser has a Beachy Antiqued Feeling

Animal Magnetism

Sharon Montrose is a Los Angeles based commercial photographer who specializes in animal photography.  Her pictures are truly amazing, as she tends to capture the innocence in each animals eyes.  I love her work with people and their pets, but her photographs of the forest and farm animals are brilliant and would be perfect for a childrens room, nursery, or animal lovers retreat.  You can find her here : and the 8.5″ x 11″ prints are $25 each.  Who can resist a goat print on their wall! 

Tile Tattoos

If you are looking for an easy inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom, these tile tatoos are perfect.  These vinyl stickers are waterproof and can amp up your kitchen/bathroom decor in a matter of minutes.  They are designed in cool retro patterns, and are also easy to remove if you change your mind. 

Mibo Tile Tattoos 4" Ventor Blue $18 For 6


Mibo Tile Tattoos 6" Brembridge Taupe $20 for 6


Mibo Tile Tattoos 6" Bembridge Blue $20 for 6

The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries

Some of the most outlandish movies are the birthplace for innovative designers to come up with ideas that hardly seem imaginable.  These movies which are truly fantasy driven leave us, the viewers, wanting more.  Two of said movies are Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland.  Both bring us to a place where the line is blurred between what is real and what is make believe.  Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland have become popular inspiration for over-the-top products and ideas based on fantasy and childlike imagination. 

Flavor League Scratch and Sniff Wallpaper in B-A-N-A-N-A-S and Cherry Forever $300-$450 Per Roll

Jellio GummiLights $125 Each or $500 For Five

Areaware Hand Hook By Harry Allen $75

A Plus R Store Hay's Pinocchio Rug $375

Flynnish Jansen & Co Gold Coated Egg Money Bank

A delectable trip through the proverbial chocolate factory is on thing, but going down the rabbit hole is another.  These products play with scale and distortion for a true Alice in Wonderland feel. 

Dust Furniture by Vincent Thomas Leman

Areaware Distortion Candlestick By Paul Loebach $24

Tea Cup Lighting By Greg Bonasera

Plasticland Oversized Mushroom Side Table $249

Down The Rabbit Hole Wall Sticker By +41

Stairway To Heaven

Often viewed as a means to get from one floor to the next, a staircase can often be overlooked as a potentially amazing design feature.  Whether through shape, paint, form, function, or design a staircase can easily become a focal point of a room.  These amazing staircases have been designed by people who have thought out of the box, and some of the results are incredible.   

Flotaing Staircase


Unusually Shaped Stairs

Stairs With Built In Slide

Stairs With Storage

Painted Stairs For Visual Interest

Floating Chunky Wood Stairs

Stairs Painted As Books

Curved Plastic Stairs For Kids

Hanging Birds Nest Staircase

Illuminated Floating Stairs

Featured Designer : Holly Dyment

Holly Dyment is a Toronto based interior designer that has been in the industry for twenty-five years.  Her striking use of color and her ability to mix patterns and textures gives her spaces a cheery bright feeling with a Bohemian twist.  Here is some of her work.

Going Green

Using recycled paper as a material is not only environmentally friendly, but suprisingly aesthetically pleasing as well.  Here are some of my favorite products all made from used paper. 

Recycled Paper Bowl Etsy Seller Artesa $62


Recycled Paper Wreath


Recycled Paper Dog - Roost Recycled Rascal $159


Recycled Cocktail Umbrella Lights - Bright Lights Little City Happy Hour Light $85


A Chevron is a “V” character pointing upwards or downwards, when repeated it takes on a zig zag shape.  Its a bold pattern that can make a strong inpact on a room.  A striking Chevron carpet can actually ground a room, while painted neutral Chevron walls create subtle interest.  Chevron drapes create punches of visual interest.  Here are some of my favorite applications. 

Love the look?  Here are some ways to accomplish it. 

West Elm Zigzag Rug 5'x8' $229

FLOR Sophistikat Flor Tile $13.99 Per Tile


Pierre Frey Fabric Walko

The pattern can also be stenciled onto walls and fabrics as a DIY project.

Urban Jungle

Us New Yorkers do not get out much in this frigid Winter weather, so what’s better than bringing the outdoors inside.  Giving the illusion that one is living, dining, or even sleeping in a forrest is becoming easier and easier.  Tree wall decals, birch tree wallpaper, and even tree shaped sculpted beds are currently available.  What a way to give a room an organic touch. 

Silk Fair Birch Trees Wall Decals $46

Urban Outfitters Birch Tree Wall Mural $140

Shawn Lovell Tree Bed $15,000